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19 Jul Adopt an Injured Cat!

The world is a scary place if you're a cat. Dogs, toddlers, and Wisconsin housewives are a constant threat, and cats are in need of constant protection. Unfortunately, not every cat can avoid these dangers forever and they fall victim to some nasty things. So, to get back on the road to recovery, they need your help. Adopt an injured cat today and show the world that you really care for our feline friends, but not in a sketchy way. Contact the Tijuana Humane Society at


He's a former tabby who hopped into his owner's microwave unnoticed and was cooked for 45 seconds along with some leftover mac & cheese.  Has permanent Velveeta odor. 


This victim of a pounce-by beating was targeted by a gang of cats led by the notorious Heathcliff in an ever-present turf war over the trashcans near Mr. Schultz's fish market.  Witnesses claim Cornwallis was licking a fish skeleton when the gang approached him and another cat named Mungo, weighing over 30 lbs., sat on him. 


This cat, a former child movie star (as seen in Beethoven 3 and Castaway), snuck on to a cruise ship that ultimately struck an iceberg and during the panic to find a lifeboat, was trampled by Trapper Keeper inventor Tiberius Keeper.


While chasing a mouse across a Harlem basketball court, this cat was dribbled upon by the ball-handler at the time.  She found herself underneath the basketball during an ill crossover move that not only broke the ankles of the defender, but her pelvis and front left forepaw as well.

Snappy Joe

One of the victims of the terrifying trend of catwigging, this grey male spends most of his days brushing his hair and looking in the mirror.  He unfortunately displays extreme narcissism on most occasions but he is also capable of pouring drinks, making him a potentially  viable bartending solution for parties.

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