synapticblur | 2007 January
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January 2007

30 Jan What To Watch the Super Bowl On

It’s that time of year. Time to sack up and get a huge tv to watch the Super Bowl on. We did it back the 9er and it was the best idea we’ve ever had. Here’s what you’re in the market for this year:

Sony 70″ Grand Wega
Weight: 278 lbs
Sony claims to have the best picture in the world on this bad boy, but it’s not a super-thin LCD and frankly, that’s not good enough. Your TV shouldn’t outweigh you.

Samsung 63″
Weight: 128 lbs
More sleek and modest than the Sony, the Samsung’s best feature is a chip that has the ability to censor out Peyton Manning’s face.

Pioneer 61″ PureVision
Weight: 175 lbs
What does “PureVision” mean? It’s so clear that watching it will improve your vision. Get one and you can tell your optometrist to go screw his/herself.

Samsung 102″ Atlas
Weight: ??? lbs
The biggest out there. Run a fake charity, burglarize thieves’ apartments, do whatever it takes to raise the $100,000 or whatever to get one. It’s guaranteed to be worth it.

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19 Jan Vacation Spot o’ the Week: Seychelles

If you’re like me and want to go to a group of upscale tropical islands in the Indian Ocean to escape winter, then I’ll meet you in The Seychelles. They’re about 90 islands off of East Africa, mostly French-influenced, and flat-out gorgeous. There’s nothing to do there but enjoy the scenery, relax, and snorkel with the stingrays.

Seychelles Wikitravel entry

I challenge anyone to a race where the first person who takes a picture of him/herself on each island wins and the loser has to pay for the winner’s travel and accomodations. Who wants in?

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