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December 2006

29 Dec 2007 Guide to BCS Games

Fiesta Bowl – Jan. 1
Oklahoma vs. Boise State
Commentary: OU’s megastar RB Adrian Peterson will play and Boise State will find it difficult not playing on their ridiculous blue turf. Sooners destroy lowly Broncos.
Predicted Score: OU 42, BSU 17

Rose Bowl – Jan. 1
Southern California vs. Michigan
Commentary: Look for Michigan RB Mike Hart to run over USC for upwards of 400 yards. USC QB John David Booty will spend most of the 2nd half laughing at his own name.
Predicted Score: UM 27, USC 23

Orange Bowl – Jan. 2
Wake Forest vs. Louisville
Commentary: At one point, UL RB Michael Bush was a lock for the Heisman and the team could’ve easily gone undefeated. Louisville will put the wraps on a season of high hopes by destroying the surprising Demon Deacons. Seriously. Wake? Did the ACC suck this year or what?
Predicted Score: UL 49, WF 24

Sugar Bowl – Jan. 3
Notre Dame vs. LSU
Commentary: Notre Dame basically has two good players, and no matter how much Jeff Samardzija makes the LSU secondary look like high schoolers, LSU will prove much too athletic for the Irish.
Predicted Score: LSU 31, ND 20

BCS Championship Game – Jan. 8
Ohio State vs. Florida
Commentary: This game will go back and forth the whole way, with Troy Smith and Chris Leak battling to see who will be one of those quarterbacks who wins a Championship then goes on to totally suck in the pros. It helps that Smith has already jinxed himself by winning the Heisman, though.
Predicted Score: OSU 38, UF 34

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29 Dec Top 5 Animals of 2006

1. Pangolin
Broke shins and melted hearts across the globe. Replaced alligator as the Lacoste logo. Extincted three other species.
2. Dugong
Had conservation status upgraded from ridiculously-endangered to kinda-endangered.
3. Emperor Tamarin
Came in 2nd at the World Beard & Moustache Championships. Signed deal to become new spokesanimal for Just For Men hair treatment.
4. Sperm Whale
After being harpooned by pirates in the Indian Ocean, a sperm whale crushed their hull and ate all 270 men on board.
5. Yeti Crab
Was discovered this year by humans, and only a few weeks later, one was adopted by Paris Hilton, and seen at several trendy L.A. nightclubs.
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29 Dec QRO Magazine Update 6

The closer it gets to 2007, the more exciting the music world becomes. It’s not even January 1st, and already, 2007 is looking better than 2006. Just cranked out a couple reviews of upcoming albums, and published a list of what to look for that’ll be updated as we go.

Feature: What To Watch For – Early 2007
Our review of !!!’s Myth Takes
” ” of The Bees (UK)’s Octopus
” ” of Husky Rescue’s Ghost Is Not Real

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28 Dec Christmas Weekend

Well, it was a fine Christmas weekend at home again this year. The first night, we hit up the bar at 310 Park South for some grub and drinks. The next day was spent mostly at Epcot. We rode Mission: Space and the GM Test Track before lunch @ Nine Dragons. Wandered around, watched China’s 360° movie, then went to the Christmas procession, which was narrated by Edward James Olmos “Famous”. Kept going and made it to France where we checked out their 360° movie, too, then went to Britain. They had a Beatles cover band, so that was pretty funny. Ate at Canada’s Le Cellier (aka Le Basemént) until it was time for fireworks. Pretty fun, I have to say.

For the rest of the weekend, we watched football, swam, and ate an epicurean feast, not unlike the Christmas Weekend Menu @ Home 2005. Ah, who could ask for anything more? Toyota.

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27 Dec Carpet or Cancer?

Think you should’ve been a doctor? Below are pictures of four samples of human cells and four samples of commercial carpet. For each organ listed, try to figure out which picture is cancer and which one is the carpet.

1. Pancreas      a) b)

2. Lung             a) b)

3. Liver            a) b)

4. Skin             a) b)

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me new phone-zo

27 Dec Another New Phone

me new phone-zoEver since I dropped my phone in the toilet on the 4th of July, I’ve been in dire need of a new phone, specifically, with mp3 capabilities. On Friday, I made a deal with a dude on Craigslist to buy a Sony Ericsson w810i for $230. It’s a Walkman/phone combo, and comes with a 512mb MemoryStick. Pretty sweet, all in all, as I can hook it up to my computer and put any number of games, themes, screensavers, and mp3s that I want on there. It’s got a 2 megapixel camera, too, and takes good video. Plus, I can browse the internet on it.

Problem is, the microphone doesn’t work, so I have to use the headphones it came with to hold a conversation. Not sure if I should send the Craigslist dude a Beatdown-A-Gram, but since it’s a relatively small nuisance and it’s the holiday season, I guess it can wait till 2007.

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