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24 Apr Cooking Matters Dinner @ Tremont 647

Last night, Sam and I got to attend a charity dinner at Tremont 647 thanks to a head’s-up call from Sarah.   647’s Chef Andy Husbands set up a 5+ course dinner with dishes from acclaimed Boston-area chefs, which meant a wide variety of high quality items.

Starting off, the cocktails were rye- and rum-based.  I actually preferred the rum one; mostly because it had Velvet Felarnum in it.  Whatever that is.  While we enjoyed those, we were passed chips with tuna tartare & a mix of Asian sauces on top, which was downright Pavlovian for me.  The buffalo chicken oysters and sunchoke soup (cool name) never made it to us thanks to a cluster-eff where hungry old people ravaged anything thing that passed by.  The next phase was Husbands’ mini pulled pork sandwich, topped with Lexington slaw, which is coincidentally a sweet new nickname I’ve given myself.   I thought the slider could only be improved by a brioche bun, because what isn’t?

At this point, we were onto the sit-down dinner phase, and we were (thankfully) seated at the end of the bar away from most of the action (read: rich old weird hobnobbers).  Our man, Rafa, behind the bar, snuck us a shot of Fernet, so we knew we were in good company.  The salad was by Chef Karen Akunowizc of Myers + Chang, and mixed tart with sweet in an uncommonly good way.  It made ranch dressing seem permanently irrelevant.  After that, a pasta dish featuring oxtail & rhubarb rolled by and set up the fish course.  One option was a crispy Loup de Mer, aka sea bass, surrounded by jumbo peas and the other was Ming Tsai’s red curry salmon wrapped in a banana leaf, which passed Sam’s stringent Sri Lankan test.   From surf to turf we went to a roasted strip loin, and my personal favorite of the night, the Persian-spiced rabbit.  Each bite was like a $10,000 Plinko drop.

Finishing the meal off was the incredibly  smooth roasted white chocolate w/ braised rhubarb & spiced jam and a trio of ridiculously good mini cupcakes from Kickass Cupcakes – the founder of which we got to talk to afterwards.  Talk about a nice lady – wow.  Makes regular cupcakes seem like nothing but child’s play.

For a donation to Cooking Matters Massachusetts, we were able to enjoy an all-star lineup of food, the point of which perhaps was to make us realize how well some of us eat in this country while others go hungry. It definitely proved its point.

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12 Apr How the iPad is made and where

In case you’re wondering, iPads are made in a massive factory in Shenzen, China by a corporation called Foxconn.  The factory has ~250,000 employees (holy crap) to crank those puppies out, and this video is a look inside the process.   Here are some highlights:

0:23 – Assembly line workers given daily instructions, such as “You are simple machines” and “You must hate Western imperialist devils”

0:47 – A RFID chip is installed in every iPad for tracking purposes reported to the Chinese government

1:35 – Worker checks screen tests (RGB, B&W, etc) , appears blown away in Double Rainbow fashion

2:08 – Workers play soccer during break while being bombarded by anti-American propaganda on giant video screen

2:21 – Dude sitting alone in bleachers trying to talk to his pet cricket without being seen

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